Eastern European journal for regional studies

Verfasserangabe: ASEM, Academia de Studii Economice a Moldovei
Format: Elektronische Zeitschrift
Sprache: Englisch
veröffentlicht: Chisinau: Center for Studies in European Integration, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, 2015-
ISSN: 1857-436X
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Band Jahr Titel
4(2018), 1 Juni, Seite 4-22 2018 The study on entrepreneurial education in the university through stakeholder involvement Lilia Covaş, Angela Solcan
4(2018), 1 Juni, Seite 23-46 2018 A view on education, life and attitudinal aspects for violence in Arab sector of Israel Adelina Stefarta, Eman Ayoub
4(2018), 1 Juni, Seite 47-66 2018 European initiatives for a competitive economy in a globalised world entrepreneurial innovation as a pivotal stake Sirbu Olesea, Crudu Rodica, Ignatov Augustin
4(2018), 1 Juni, Seite 67-75 2018 Cognitive approach in document indexing Savo Tomovic, Kosta Pavlovic
4(2018), 1 Juni, Seite 76-85 2018 Social entrepreneurship a way to involve youth in developing process Aurelia Braguta, Angela Solcan, Ludmila Stihi
4(2018), 2 Dez., Seite 4-17 2018 State building challenges and the European integration process the Kosovo case Zenun Halili
4(2018), 2 Dez., Seite 31-49 2018 Digital engineering entrepreneurship as new direction of master studying in Belarus Aliaksei Danilchanka, Boris Zhalezka, Volha Siniauskaya, Kseniya Yakushenka
4(2018), 2 Dez., Seite 50-57 2018 The 3D model in analysing the relations of professional demands during group zrainings "anchoring the professional balance state", or where it disappeared their relationships with psychosocial factors related to professional activity? Mariana Zubenschi
4(2018), 2 Dez., Seite 58-72 2018 Causality relationship between transfer expenditures and labor force participation rate in Turkey Yılmaz Onur Ari̇, Ümit Yildiz
4(2018), 2 Dez., Seite 73-93 2018 Regional economic structure, amenities and disparities in an extended Uzawa's growth model Wei-Bin Zhang
4(2018), 2 Dez., Seite 94-107 2018 Knowledge spillovers in the process of formation of the economic clusters Elina Benea-Popușoi, Ecaterina Rusu
5(2019), 1 Juni, Seite 4-18 2019 Social security coordination in Europe with focus on self-employed persons the quantitative approach Sandra Brožová
5(2019), 1 Juni, Seite 19-39 2019 Rebuilding fortress Europe, building fortress USA from discursive to physical boundaries against refugees on a global level Srđan Mladenov Jovanović
5(2019), 1 Juni, Seite 40-61 2019 Atlantic lessons: cross-border cooperation between Galicia and the Region of North Portugal Celso Cancela Outeda
5(2019), 1 Juni, Seite 62-77 2019 Chinese FDI to Ukraine in the context of road and belt initiative Liliya Ukrayinets
5(2019), 1 Juni, Seite 78-95 2019 Protection and promotion of agricultural and food products at European Union level through European quality schemes Laura Cătălina Ţimiraş
5(2019), 1 Juni, Seite 96-111 2019 Knowledge-based society a condition to ensure sustainable development Viorelia Lungu
5(2019), 1 Juni, Seite 112-124 2019 "Managing risks" versus "taking risks" revisiting an underestimated distinction between managers and entrepreneurs Cristian Dîrvă, Anda Simona Dîrvă