Werke, Abt. 11 Bd. 1, [Hauptbd.] Schottische und walisische Lieder / hrsg. von Petra Weber-Bockholdt

1. Verfasser:
Weitere Verfasser: 1954- [BerichterstatterIn] ; 1770-1827
Verfasserangabe: Beethoven. Hrsg. vom Beethoven-Archiv Bonn unter Leitung von Joseph Schmidt-Görg
Format: Band / Heft, Noten
Sprache: Englisch
veröffentlicht: München: Henle, 1999
Originaltitel: Schottische Lieder
Enthält: Music, love and wine
Oh! sweet were the hours
The maid of Isla
The sweetest lad was Jamie
Dim, dim is my eye
Bonny laddie, highland laddie.
The lovely lass of Inverness
Behold my love how green the groves
Oh! thou art the lad of my heart.
Oh, had my fate been join'd with thine
Come fill, fill, my good fellow
O how can I be blithe and glad
O cruel was my father
Could this ill warld have been contriv'd
O Mary, at thy window be
Enchantress, farewell
O swiftly glides the bonny boat
Faithfu' Johnie
Jeanie's distress
The Highland watch
The shepherd's song
Again, my lyre
Sally in our alley
Erin! oh Erin
O Mary ye's be clad in silk
Highland Harry (My Harry was a gallant gay)
Oh onochri, oh
Red gleams the sun
Sir Johnie Cope
Sweet Annie frae the sea beach came
Duncan Gray
She's fair and fause
Auld lang syne
Dark was the morn
Low down in the broom
From thee, Eliza, I must go
Polly Stewart
Charlie is my darling
Up! quit thy bower
The banner of Buccleuch
Highlander's lament
Mark yonder pomp of costly fashion
Bonnie wee thing
Sion, the son of Evan
The monks of Bangor's march
The cottage maid
Love without hope
The golden robe
The fair maids of Mona
O let the night my blushes hide
Farewell thou noisy town
To the aeolian harp
Ned Pugh's farewell
Peggy's daughter
Waken lords and ladies gay
Helpless woman
The dream
When mortals all to rest retire
The damsels of Cardigan
The dairy house
Sweet Richard
The vale of Clwyd
To the blackbird
Cupid's kindness
My pleasant home
Three hundred pounds
The parting kiss
Good night
Schottische Lieder op. 8 Nr. 4, erste und zweite Alternativfassung der Streicherstimmen
22 Schottische Lieder WoO 156 Nr. 8. Fassung mit Text von Byron
22 Schottische Lieder WoO 156 Nr. 10. Fassung mit Text von William Smyth
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