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Vorheriger Titel: Vorg. Technische Universität Chemnitz. Fachbereich Mathematik
Körperschaft: Technische Universität Chemnitz, Fakultät für Mathematik [Verfasser]
Format: Schriftenreihe, Monographische Schriftenreihe
Sprache: Deutsch
veröffentlicht: Chemnitz: Techn. Univ., Fak. für Mathematik, 1997-
ISSN: 1614-8835
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Regalstandort Jahrgänge im Bestand Bemerkung
Bestellen CampusBibliothek II CBII/S3:A7243 1997, 16 - 2017, 7 [L]


Band Jahr Titel
2001,2 2001 Low-dimensional approximations for random axial vibrations of beams J. vom Scheidt; H.-J. Starkloff; R. Wunderlich
2001,3 2001 Transverse vibrations of a beam with random epsilon-correlated excitation and model reduction J. vom Scheidt ...
2001,17 2001 Stochastic price processes with epsilon-correlated returns T. Kremer ...
2003,9 2003 Matrix exponentials and inversion of confluent Vandermonde matrices U. Luther; K. Rost
2003,10 2003 Likelihood ratio tests for grouped observations K.-H. Eger
2003,11 2003 On planar convex bodies of given Minkowskian thickness and least possible area G. Averkov
2003,12 2003 Waekly singular integral operators in Weighted L -Spaces U. Luther
2004,1 2004 A united approach to illumination and visibility problems via closure operators H. Martini; W. Wenzel
2004,2 2004 On the inequality for volume and Minkowskian thickness G. Averkov
2004,3 2004 Using quasidifferentiable functions for the separation of point sets A. Herklotz; B. Luderer
2004,4 2004 Das macht nach Adam Ries: historische Rechenaufgaben zu Multiplikation, Division und Dreisatz B. Luderer
2004,5 2004 L 2 estimates of weak solutions of parabolic Cauchy problems and their application to the option pricing theory T. Hein
2004,6 2004 Constant Minkowskian width in terms of boundary cuts G. Averkov; A. Heppes
2004,7 2004 Berechnung von Charakteristiken einseitiger CUSUM-Verfahren K.-H. Eger, K. Köhler
2004,8 2004 On Tikhonov regularization for the inverse problem of option pricing in the price dependent case T. Hein
2004,9 2004 Mathematische Studien und Simulationen zur Portfoliooptimierung mit Ausfallrisikomaßen D. Düvelmeyer; H. Weiß
2004,10 2004 An identification of convolution operators on cones M. Lindner
2004,11 2004 Patent document classification based on mutual information feature selection I. Costantea; R. I. Boţ; G. Wanka
2004,12 2004 Latent semantic indexing for patent documents Andreea Moldovan; Radu Ioan Boţ; Gert Wanka
2004,13 2004 On solving dual problems with possible - infinity function values using the level method M. Knobloch
2004,14 2004 The Rose-Gurewitz-Fox approach applied for patents classification I. B. Hodrea; R. I. Boţ; G. Wanka
2004,15 2004 A new constraint qualification and conjugate duality for composed convex optimization problems R. I. Boţ; S.-M. Grad; G. Wanka
2004,16 2004 Farkas-type results for max-functions and applications R. I. Boţ; G. Wanka
2004,17 2004 The potential for ill-posedness of multiplication operators occuring in inverse problems B. Hofmann
2004,18 2004 Analytic and numerical comparison of linear direct and iterative regularization methods T. Hein
2004,19 2004 Inverse closedness of approximation algebras J. M. Almira; U. Luther
2004,20 2004 An alternative formulation for a new closed cone constraint qualification R. I. Boţ; G. Wanka
2004,21 2004 A weaker regularity condition for subdifferential calculus and Fenchel duality in infinite dimensional spaces R. I. Boţ; G. Wanka
2005,1 2005 On the construction of gap functions for variational inequalities via conjugate duality A. Lkhamsuren; R.-I. Boţ; G. Wanka
2005,2 2005 Fenchel-Lagrange versus geometric duality in convex optimization R. I. Boţ; S.-M. Grad; G. Wanka
2005,3 2005 A case study of joint online truck scheduling and inventory management for multiple warehouses C. Helmberg; S. Röhl
2005,4 2005 Some new Farkas-type results for inequality systems with DC functions R. I. Boţ; I. B. Hodrea; G. Wanka
2005,5 2005 Partial realization of descriptor systems P. Benner; V. I. Sokolov
2005,6 2005 Model reduction based on spectral projection methods P. Benner; E. S. Quintana-Ortí
2005,7 2005 Farkas-type results for inequality systems with composed convex functions via conjugate duality R. I. Boţ; I. B. Hodrea; G. Wanka
2005,8 2005 On gap functions for equilibrium problems A. Lkhamsuren; R. I. Boţ; G. Wanka
2005,10 2005 Maximal monotonicity for the precomposition with a linear operator R. I. Boţ; S.-M. Grad; G. Wanka
2005,11 2005 A new constraint qualification for the formula of the subdifferential of composed convex functions in infinite dimensional spaces R. I. Boţ; S.-M. Grad; G. Wanka
2005,12 2005 Embedded in the shadow of the separator F. Göring; C. Helmberg; M. Wappler
2005,13 2005 Fenchel's duality theorem for nearly convex functions R. I. Boţ; S.-M. Grad; G. Wanka
2005,15 2005 Almost convex functions: conjugacy and duality R. I. Boţ; S.-M. Grad; G. Wanka
2005,16 2005 Sequential tests for grouped observations K.-H. Eger
2005,17 2005 Fast summation of radial functions on the sphere J. Keiner; S. Kunis; D. Potts
2005,18 2005 Numerical linear algebra for model reduction in control and simulation P. Benner
2005,19 2005 On decoupling of volatility smile and term structure in inverse option pricing H. Egger; T. Hein; B. Hofmann
2006,1 2006 Time and memory requirements of the nonequispaced FFT S. Kunis; D. Potts
2006,2 2006 Probability against condition number and sampling of multivariate trigonometric random polynomials A. Böttcher; D. Potts
2006,3 2006 Variational principles for vector equilibrium problems related to conjugate duality A. Lkhamsuren; R.-I. Bot̨; G. Wanka
2006,4 2006 Conjugate duality in vector optimization and some applications to the vector variational inequality A. Lkhamsuren; R.-I. Bot̨; G. Wanka
2006,5 2006 A note on the polar FFT M. Fenn; S. Kunis; D. Potts
2006,6 2006 Random sampling of sparse trigonometric polynomials II orthogonal matching pursuit versus basis pursuit S. Kunis; H. Rauhut
2006,7 2006 On some abstract convexity notions in real linear spaces R.I. Bot; E.R. Csetnek̨; G. Wanka
2006,8 2006 Some new regularity conditions for Fenchel duality in real linear spaces R.I. Bot; E.R. Csetnek̨; G. Wanka
2006,9 2006 A probability argument in favor of ignoring small singular values A. Böttcher; D. Potts; D. Wenzel
2006,10 2006 Field inhomogeneity correction based on gridding reconstruction for magnetic resonance imaging H. Eggers; T. Knopp; D. Potts
2006,11 2006 Farkas-type results for fractional programming problems R. I. Boţ; I. B. Hodrea; G. Wanka
2006,12 2006 Duality for multiobjective fractional programming problems R.I. Bot; R. Chares̨; G. Wanka
2006,13 2006 New regularity conditions for Lagrange and Fenchel-Lagrange duality in infinite dimensional spaces R. I. Boţ; S.-M. Grad; G. Wanka
2006,14 2006 Comparison between different duals in multiobjective fractional programming R.I. Bot; R. Chares̨; G. Wanka
2006,15 2006 Aufgaben des Computers bei der Organisation des gesteuerten Selbstlernens V. Kazachenok; B. Luderer
2006,16 2006 Using computer programs in higher education - good practice in mathematics B. Luderer; P. Weigand; S. Handrock
2006,17 2006 Impact of monotonicity in some model of inverse option pricing R. Krämer; M. Richter
2006,18 2006 A new Fenchel dual problem in vector optimization R.I. Bot; A. Dumitrų; G. Wanka
2006,19 2006 Some formulas for the conjugate of convex risk measures R.I. Bot; N. Lorenz̨; G. Wanka
2006,20 2006 On the graph bisection cut polytope M. Armbruster ...
2006,21 2006 Optimality conditions for weak efficiency to vector optimization problems with composed convex functions R.I. Bot; Ioan Bogdan Hodreą; G. Wanka
2006,22 2006 Efficient reconstruction of functions on the sphere from scattered data J. Keiner; S. Kunis; D. Potts
2006,23 2006 Sequential optimality conditions in convex programming via perturbation approach R.I. Bot; E. R. Csetnek; G. Wanka
2006,24 2006 Local topological toughness and local factors F. Göring; G.Y. Katona
2006,25 2006 Learning of winning strategies for terminal games with linear-size memory T. Böhme ...
2006,26 2006 Rigorous stochastic bounds for the error in large covariance matrices A. Böttcher; D. Wenzel
2006,27 2006 Direct and inverse results in variable Hilbert scales P. Mathé; B. Hofmann
2007,1 2007 A generalized bivariate Ornstein-Uhlenbeck model for financial assets R. Krämer; M. Richter
2007,2 2007 Range inclusions and approximate source conditions with general benchmark functions D. Düvelmeyer; B. Hofmann; M. Yamamoto
2007,3 2007 New regularity conditions for strong and total Lagrange duality R. I. Boţ; S.-M. Grad; G. Wanka
2007,4 2007 Optimality conditions for portfolio optimization problems with convex deviation measures as objective functions R. I. Boţ; N. Lorenz; G. Wanka
2007,5 2007 Einige Aspekte zur Parameterschätzung in einem verallgemeinerten Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Modell R. Krämer; N. Reinhold; M. Richter
2007,6 2007 Duality for almost convex optimization problems via the perturbation approach R. I. Boţ; G. Kassay; G. Wanka
2007,7 2007 Orthogonal symmetric Toeplitz matrices Albrecht Böttcher
2007,8 2007 Regularity conditions via quasi-relative inerior in convex programming R. I. Boţ; E. R. Csetnek; G. Wanka
2007,9 2007 New regularity conditions for strong and total Fenchel-Lagrange duality in infinite dimensional spaces R. I. Boţ; S.M. Grad; G. Wanka
2007,10 2007 Regularization by Projection: approximation theoretic aspects and distance functions B. Hofmann; P. Mathé; S. Pereverzev
2007,11 2007 C*-algebras and asymptotic spectral theory B. Silbermann
2007,12 2007 Sequential optimality conditions for composed convex optimization problems R.I. Bot, E.R. Csetnek, G. Wanka
2007,13 2007 A note on stability results for scattered data interpolation on Euclidean speres S. Kunis
2007,14 2007 Chance-constrained optimization problems and applications R. I. Boţ; N. Lorenz; G. Wanka
2007,15 2007 ε -optimality conditions for composed convex optimization problems R. I. Boţ; I. B. Hodrea; G. Wanka
2007,16 2007 Generalized Moreau-Rockafellar results for comopsed convex functions R. I. Boţ; S.M. Grad; G. Wanka
2007,17 2007 Multi-parameter regularization - convergence and convergence rates results T. Hein
2007,19 2007 Locally dense independent sets in regular graphs of large girth F. Göring ...
2007,20 2007 The radon transform on SO (3) a fourier slice theorem and numerical inversion R. Hielscher ...
2007,21 2007 Probabilistics spherical Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund inequalities A. Böttcher; S. Kunis; D. Potts
2007,22 2007 Sequential characterization of some efficient solutions in vector optimization R.I. Bot, A. Grad, G. Wanka
2007,23 2007 Nitsche finite element method for parabolic problems B. Heinrich; B. Jung
2007,24 2007 Pushing the envelope of the test functions in the Szegö and Avram-Parter theorems A. Böttcher; S.M. Grudsky; E.A. Maksimenko
2007,25 2007 A Lipschitz-condition for the width function of convex bodies in arbitrary Minkowski spaces H. Martini; W. Wenzel
2007,26 2007 Gap Functions for vector equilibrium problems via conjugate duality L. Altangerel; G. Wanka
2007,27 2007 Stability results for scattered data interpolation on the rotation group M. Gräf; S. Kunis
2007,28 2007 Regularization of ill-posed problems in Banach spaces - approximative source conditions and convergence rates results T. Hein
2007,29 2007 On the dimensionality of the stochastic space in the stochastic finite element method H.-J. Starkloff
2008,1 2008 Fredholmness and index of operators in the Wiener algebra are independent of the underlying space M. Lindner
2008,2 2008 On an open problem regarding totally Fenchel unstable functions R. I. Boţ; E. R. Csetnek
2008,3 2008 Weak regularity conditions for maximal monotonicity in general Banach spaces R. I. Boţ; E. R. Csetnek
2008,4 2008 Sequential tests for Weibull distributed observations N. Rückert; K.-H. Eger
2008,5 2008 The Frobenius norm and the commutator A. Böttcher; D. Wenzel
2008,6 2008 Banach algebras of structured matrix sequences M. Seidel; B. Silbermann
2008,7 2008 Limit Operators, Collective Compactness, and the Spectral Theory of Infinite Matrices S. N. Chandler-Wilde; M. Lindner
2008,8 2008 Optimization problems in statistical learning duality and optimality conditions N. Lorenz
2008,9 2008 Bezoutians G. Heinig; K. Rost
2008,10 2008 Random procedures for dominating sets in graphs S. Artmann ...
2008,11 2008 Regularization in Banach spaces - optimal convergence rates results T. Hein
2008,12 2008 A note on the spectrum of bi-infinite bi-diagonal random matrices M. Lindner
2008,13 2008 On the computation of nonnegative quadrature weights on the sphere Manuel Gräf; Stefan Kunis; Daniel Potts
2008,14 2008 Approximate source conditions for nonlinear ill-posed problems - chances and limitations Torsten Hein; Bernd Hofmann
2008,15 2008 The finite section method and stable subsequences Marko Lindner
2008,16 2008 The rotational dimension of a graph Frank Göring; Christoph Helmberg; Markus Wappler
2009,3 2009 Modellierung der Inanspruchnahme positiver Minutenreserve als zusammengesetzter Poisson-Prozess mit regelzonenabhängiger Parametrierung Eva Marie Kurscheid; Dana Uhlig-Düvelmeyer
2009,6 2009 Interplay of source conditions and variational inequalitties for nonlinear ill-posed problems B. Hofmann
2009,7 2009 Inequalities of the Markov type for partial derivatives of polynomials in serveral variables A. Böttcher; P. Dörfler
2009,8 2009 Sampling sets and quadrature formulae on the rotation group M. Gräf; D. Potts
2009,9 2009 An inverse problem of digital signal processing D. Potts; M. Tasche
2009,10 2009 Graph realizations associated with minimizing the maximum eigenvalue of the laplacian Frank Göring; Christoph Helmberg; Susanna Reiss
2009,11 2009 A note on convergence rates for variational regularization with non-convex residual term B. Hofmann
2009,12 2009 Visualization of complex functions plea for the phase plot E. Wegert
2009,13 2009 European double-barrier options with a compound Poisson component A. Böttcher; S. Grudsky; R. M. Porter
2009,14 2009 Modified Landweber iteration in Banach spaces convergence and convergence rates T. Hein; Kamil S. Kazimierski
2009,17 2009 Accelerated Landweber iteration in Banach spaces T. Hein; K. S. Kazimierski
2010,1 2010 A note on Fiedler vectors interpreted as graph realizations C. Helmberg; S. Reiss
2010,2 2010 An unified approach to scattered data approximation on S 3 and SO(3) Manuel Gräf
2010,3 2010 A continuous approach to discrete ordering on S2 Rainer Backofen ...
2010,4 2010 On the Singular Values and Eigenvalues of the Fox-Li and Related Operators Albrecht Böttcher ...
2010,5 2010 Nonlinear approximation by sums of exponentials ans transletes Thomas Peter; Daniel Potts; Manfred Tasche
2010,6 2010 Eigenvalue problem meets Sierpinski triangle computing the spectrum of a non-self-adjoint random operator Simon N. Chandler-Wilde; Rachanikorn Chonchaiya and Marko Lindner
2010,7 2010 Kernel density estimation on the rotation group Ralf Hielscher
2010,8 2010 Asymptotics of individual eigenvalues of large Hessenberg Toeplitz matrices J. M. Bogoya; A. Böttcher; S. M. Grudsky
2010,9 2010 Exponential decay of Green's function for Anderson models on z with single-site potentials of finite support A. Elgart; M. Tautenhaun; I. Veselić
2010,10 2010 Lifschitz tails fo a class of Schrödinger operators with random breather-type potential W. Kirsch; I. Veselić
2010,11 2010 A note on regularity for discrete alloy-type models M. Tautenhahn; I. Veselić
2010,12 2010 On the computation of spherical designs by a new optimization approach based on fast spherical Fourier transforms M. Gräf; D. Potts
2010,13 2010 Interpolation lattices for hyperbolic cross trigonometric polynomials L. Kämmerer; S. Kunis; D. Potts
2010,14 2010 Theory and examples of variational regularization with non-metric fitting functionals J. Flemming
2010,16 2010 Population dispersal via diffusion-reaction equations Anne Kandler; Roman Unger
2010,17 2010 Prescribed edges and forbidden edges for a cycle in a planar graph Frank Göring; Jochen Harant
2010,18 2010 Particle simulation based on nonequispaced fast fourier transforms Michael Pippig and Daniel Potts
2010,19 2010 Funktionelle Beschreibung der zeitlichen Entwicklung von Aktienwerten Gert Beister; Bernd Luderer
2010,20 2010 Mit nimmermüder Schaffenskraft zum 105. Geburtstag des Mathmathikers S. M. Nikol'skij B. Luderer; I. A. Novik; A. A. Rusakov
2010,21 2010 Fast algorithms for Toeplitz and Hankel Matrices Georg Heinig and Karla Rost
2011,1 2011 Scalar and vector optimization with composed objective functions and constraints Nicole Lorenz; Gert Wanka
2011,2 2011 The Algebraic Riccati equation with Toeplitz matrices as coefficients Albrecht Böttcher
2011,3 2011 An Efficient and flexible parallel FFT implementation based on FFTW Michael Pippig
2011,4 2011 On minimizing the spectral width of graph Laplacians and associated graph realizations Frank Göring; Christoph Helmberg; Susanna Reiss
2011,5 2011 Quadrature errors, discrepancies and their relations to halftoning on the torus and the spheres Manuel Gräf; Daniel Potts and Gabriele Steidl
2011,6 2011 LP and SDP Branch-and-Cut algorithms for the minimum graph bisection problem a computational comparison Michael Armbruster ...
2011,9 2011 Wegner estimate for alloy-type models with sign-changing exponentially decaying single-site potentials Norbert Peyerimhoff; Marten Tautenhahn; Ivan Veselić
2011,10 2011 Dynamic graph generation for large scale operational train timetabling Frank Fischer; Christoph
2011,11 2011 On the spectra and pseudospectra of a class non-self-adjoint random matrices and operators Simon N. Chandler-Wilde; Ratchanikorn Chonchaiya and Morko Lindner
2011,12 2011 Parameter estimation for multivariate exponential sums Daniel Potts; Manfred Tasche
2011,13 2011 On (N,e)-pseudospectra and quasi-diagonal operators Markus Seidel
2011,14 2011 Iteractive regularization with general penalty term theory and application to L1- and TV-regularization Radu Ioan Boț; Torsten Hein
2011,15 2011 Employing different loss functions for the classification of images via supervised learning Radu Ioan Boț; André Heinrich; Gert Wanka
2011,16 2011 Conditional stability estimates for ill-posed PDE problems by using interpolation U. Tautenhahn ...
2011,17 2011 Regularizability of ill-posed problems and the modulus of continuity Radu Ioan Boț; Bernd Hofmann and Peter Mathé
2011,18 2011 An oriented distance function application to gap functions for vector variational inequalities Lkhamsuren Altangerel; Gert Wanka; Oleg Wilfer
2011,19 2011 The asymmetric quadratic traveling salesman problem Anja Fischer
2011,20 2011 The main diagonal of a permutation matrix Marko Lindner; Gilbert Strang
2012,1 2012 The subdifferential of convex deviation measures and risk functions Nicole Lorenz; Gert Wanka
2012,2 2012 A parallel bundle method for asynchronous subspace optimization in Lagrangian relaxation Frank Fischer; Christoph Helmberg
2012,3 2012 Stable parameter identification evaluation of volatility Nadja Rückert; Robert S. Anderssen; Bernd Hofmann
2012,4 2012 Parameter estimation for nonincreasing exponential sums by Prony-like methods Daniel Potts; Manfred Tasche
2012,5 2012 Parameter choice in Banach space regularization under variational inequalities Bernd Hofmann; Peter Mathé
2012,6 2012 PFFT - an extension of FFTW to massively parallel architectures Michael Pippig
2012,7 2012 OpenMP parallelization in the NFFT software library Toni Volkmer
2012,8 2012 Parallel three-dimensional nonequispaced fast Fourier transforms and their application to particle simulation Michael Pippig; Daniel Potts
2012,9 2012 Sparse polynomial interpolation in Chebyshev bases D. Potts; M. Tasche
2012,10 2012 The spectral bundle method with second-order information C. Helmber; M. L. Overtin; F. Rendl
2012,11 2012 Scale-free unique continuation estimates and applications to random Schrödinger operators C. Rojas-Molina; I. Veselić
2012,12 2012 Regularization properties of the discrepancy principle for Tikhonov regularization in Banach spaces Stephan W. Anzengruber; Bernd Hofmann; Peter Mathé
2012,13 2012 An extended approach for lifting clique tree inequalities Anja Fischer; Frank Fischer
2012,14 2012 Characterizations of duality gap statements for constrained optimization problems H.-V. Boncea, S.-M. Grad
2012,15 2012 Characterizations of duality gap statements for composed optimization problems
2012,16 2012 Alternative generalized Wolfe type and Mond-Weir type vector duality S.-M. Grad, E.-L. Pop
2012,17 2012 Vector duality for convex vector optimization problems with vector respect to quasi-minimality S.-M. Grad, E.-L. Pop
2013,1 2013 The impact of a curious type of smoothness conditions on convergence rates in l1-regularization Radu Ioan Bot and Bernd Hofmann
2013,2 2013 A note on regularity for discrete alloy-type models II M. Tautenhahn, I. Veselić
2013,3 2013 A sparse Prony FFT S. Heider ...
2013,4 2013 Fast Ewald summation under 2d- and 1d-periodic boundary conditions based on NFFTs F. Nestler, D. Potts
2013,5 2013 Taylor and rank-1 lattice based nonequispaced fast Fourier transform T. Volkmer
2013,7 2013 A Petrov Galerkin projection for copula density estimation Dana Uhlig; Roman Unger
2013,8 2013 A parallel bundle framework for asynchronous subspace optimisation of nonsmooth convex functions F. Fischer, C. Helmberg
2013,9 2013 Uniform existence of the IDS for randomly weighted Laplacians on long range percolation graphs S. Ayadi, F. Schwarzenberger, I. Veselić
2013,10 2013 Unbounded quantum graphs with unbounded boundary conditions D. Lenz, C. Schubert, I. Veselić
2013,11 2013 Low lying eigenvalues of randomly curved quantum waveguides D. Borisov, I. Veselic
2013,12 2013 Reconstruction of sparse Legendre and Gegenbauer expansions D. Potts, M. Tasche
2013,13 2013 Numerical inversion of the funk transform on the rotation group R. Hielscher
2013,14 2013 Packing of induced subgraphs J. Harant, S. Richter, H. Sachs
2013,15 2013 Wegner estimate and localization for alloy-type models with sign-changing exponentially decaying single-site potentials K. Leonhardt ...
2013,16 2013 Fast Ewald summation based on NFFT with mixed periodicity Franziska Nestler; Michael Pippig and Daniel Potts
2013,17 2013 About a deficit in low order convergence rates on the example of autoconvolution S. Bürger; B. Hofmann
2014,2 2014 Threshold graphs of maximal Laplacian energy Christoph Helmberg; Vilmar Trevisan
2014,3 2014 The Petrov-Galerkin projection for copula density estimation isn't counting Dana Uhlig; Roman Unger
2014,4 2014 Spectral gap estimates for some block matrices Ivan Veselić; Kres̆imir Veselić
2014,5 2014 Discrete alloy-type models regularity of distributions and recent results Martin Tautenhahn and Ivan Veselić
2014,6 2014 Computational solutions of a family of generalized procrustes problems Jens Fankhänel ; Peter Benner
2014,7 2014 Conditional Wegner estimate for the standard random breather potential Matthias Täufer; Ivan Veselić
2014,8 2014 A new eigenvalue bound for independent sets J. Harant; S. Richter
2014,9 2014 Fast ESPRIT algorithms based on partial singular value decompositions Daniel Potts; Manfred Tasche
2014,10 2014 Absolute algebraic connectivity of double brooms Sebastian Richter; Israel Rocha
2014,11 2014 Inversion of centroskewsymmetric Toeplitz-plus-Hankel Bezoutians Torsten Ehrhardt; Karla Rost
2014,12 2014 Eigenvalue conditions for induced subgraphs J. Harant; J. Niebling; S. Richter
2014,13 2014 Expansion of the almost sure spectrum in the weak disorder regime Denis Borisov ; Fransisco Hoecker-Escuti and Ivan Veselić
2014,14 2014 Multiscale unique continuation properties of eigenfunctions D. Borisov ...
2014,15 2014 Scale-free uncertainty principles and Wegner estimates for random breather potentials Ivica Nakić ...
2014,16 2014 About an autoconvolution problem arising in ultrashort laser pulse characterization Steven Bürger
2014,17 2014 The Anderson model on the bethe lattice Lifshitz tails Francisco Hoecker-Escuti and Christoph Schumacher
Preprint 2015-17 2015 A generalization of the Funk-Radon transform to circles passing through a fixed point M. Quellmalz
Preprint 2015-14 2015 Efficient spectral estimation by MUSIC and ESPRIT with application to sparse FFT D. Potts, M. Tasche, T. Volkmer
Preprint 2015-16 2015 Graph Laplacians do not generate strongly continuous semigroups T. Kalmes, C. Schumacher
2015,1 2015 Automated Parameter Tuning based on RMS Errors for nonequispaced FFTs Franziska Nestler
2015,2 2015 Quantum Hamiltonians with weak random abstract perturbation I: Initial length scale estimate D. Borisov; A. Golovina; I. Veselić
2015,3 2015 Fast, exact and stable reconstruction of multivariate algebraic polynomials in Chebyshev form Daniel Potts ; Toni Volkmer
2015,4 2015 Optimal mollifiers for spherical deconvolution R. Hielscher; M. Quellmalz
2015,5 2015 Parameter tuning for the NFFT based fast Ewald summation Franziska Nestler
2015,6 2015 Sampling inequality for L²-Norms of eigenfunctions of Schrödinger operators Martin Tautenhahn and Ivan Veselić
2015,7 2015 An NFFT based approach to the efficient computation of dipole-dipole interactions under different periodic boundary conditions Franziska Nestler
2015,8 2015 Spectral threshold dominance, Brouwer's conjecture and maximality of Laplacian energy Christoph Helmberg; Vilmar Trevisan
2015,9 2015 A chance constraint model for multi-failure resilience in communication networks Christoph Helmberg; Sebastian Richter; Dominic Schupke
2015,10 2015 Reconstructing a function on the sphere from its means along vertical slices Ralf Hielscher; Michael Quellmalz
2015,11 2015 Multiple rank-1 lattices as sampling schemes for multivariate trigonometric polynomials Lutz Kämmerer
2015,12 2015 A combinatorial algorithm for minimizing the maximum Laplacian eigenvalue of weighted bipartite graphs Christoph Helmberg ; Israel Rocha ; Uwe Schwerdtfeger
2015,13 2015 A Lagrange duality approach for multi-composed optimization problems Gert Wanka; Oleg Wilfer
2015,15 2015 Non-smooth atomic decomposition of 2-microlocal spaces and application to pointwise multipliers Helena F. Gonçalves ; Henning Kempka
Preprint 2016-4 2016 Duality and epsilon-optimality conditions for multi-composed optimization problems with applications to fractional and entropy optimization S.-M. Grad, G. Wanka, O. Wilfer
Preprint 2016-5 2016 Duality results for extended multifacility location problems G. Wanka, O. Wilfer
Preprint 2016-2 2016 Duality results for nonlinear single minimax location problems via multi-composed optimization G. Wanka, O. Wilfer
Preprint 2016-1 2016 IPF coloring of crystal orientation data R. Hielscher, G. Nolze
Preprint 2016-6 2016 Multifacility minimax location problems via multi-composed optimization G. Wanka, O. Wilfer
Preprint 2016-7 2016 NFFT based Ewald summation for electrostatic systems with charges and dipoles M. Hofmann, F. Nestler, M. Pippig
Preprint 2016-3 2016 Optimal rates for Lavrentiev regularization with adjoint source conditions R. Plato, P. Mathé, B. Hofmann
Preprint 2016-8 2016 Tikhonov regularization with oversmooting penalties D. Gerth
Preprint 2017-3 2017 Clustering by optimal subsets to describe environment interdependencies J. Glänzel, R. Unger
Preprint 2017-4 2017 Dynamic scaling and submodel selection in bundle methods for convex optimization Christoph Helmberg, Alois Pichler
Preprint 2017-5 2017 Formulae of epigraphical projection for solving minimax location problems G. Wanka, O. Wilfer
Preprint 2017-6 December 20, 2017 Non-linear generalizations of eigenvalues of graph Laplacians and algebraic connectivity E.M. Borba, S. Richter, U. Schwerdtfeger
Preprint 2017-7 January 5, 2018 Squaring the square - new methods for determining the number of perfect square packings H. Langenau
Preprint 2017-1 May 9, 2017 The p-spectral radius of the Laplacian matrix E.M. Borba, E. Fritscher, C. Hoppen, S. Richter
Preprint 2017-2 [2017] Layout of random circulant graphs S. Richter, I. Rocha