Risø, PhD, Thesis

Verfasserangabe: Risø National Laboratory
Körperschaft: Forskningscenter Risø [Verfasser]
Format: Monographische Schriftenreihe, Elektronische Schriftenreihe
Sprache: Englisch
veröffentlicht: Roskilde, 2004-
ISSN: 0106-2840
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Band Jahr Titel
43 2008 Magnetocaloric materials Stinus Jeppesen
45 2009 Sensing the wind profile Alfredo Peña
47 2009 Wind turbines unsteady aerodynamics and inflow noise Brian Riget Broe
50 2009 Nucleation of recrystallization studied by EBSP and 3DXRD Stine Stenfatt West
52 2009 Complex terrain and wind lidars Ferhat Bingöl
53 2009 Wind turbine wake in atmospheric turbulence Pierre-Elouan Réthoré
54 2009 Thermocleavable [pi]-conjugation polymers synthesis and photovoltaic applications Martin Helgesen
55 2010 Production, characterization and stability of polymer solar cell devices PhD thesis Suren Ashot Gevorgyan
57 2010 Designing a magnet for magnetic refrigeration Rasmus Bjørk
58 2010 Accounting for the speed shear in wind turbine power performance measurement Rozenn Wagner
59 2010 Development of new tritium labelling methods for peptides & investigation of guest-host mediated electrocyclization and sigma-tropic rearrangement reactions Martin Holst Friborg Pedersen
60 2010 Understanding optically stimulated charge movement in quartz and feldspar using time-resolved measurements Christina Ankjærgaard
61 2010 Advanced load alleviation for wind turbines using adaptive trailing edge flaps sensoring and control Peter Bjørn Andersen
62 2010 Materials for room temperature magnetic refrigeration Britt Rosendahl Hansen
63 2010 Ecosystem-atmosphere exchange of carbon in a heathland under future climatic conditions Merete Bang Selsted
64 2010 Biogas and bioethanol production in organic farming Piotr Oleskowicz-Popiel
65 2010 Guiding-center models for edge plasmas and numerical simulations of isolated plasma filaments Jens Madsen
66 2011 Aeroelastic modal dynamics of wind turbines including anisotropic effects Peter Fisker Skjoldan
68 2010 Metabolic engineering of ethanol production in "Thermoanaerobacter mathranii" Shuo Yao
75 2011 Rapid and automated determinationof plutonium and neptunium in environmental samples Jixin Qiao