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Verfasserangabe: Institute of Economic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University of Prague
Körperschaft: Institut Ekonomických Studií [Verfasser]
Format: Elektronische Schriftenreihe, Monographische Schriftenreihe
Sprache: Englisch
veröffentlicht: Praha, 2001-
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Band Jahr Titel
Prag August 2017 A Bayesian approach to backtest overfitting Jiri Witzany
Prag [2018] A general equilibrium model of optimal alcohol taxation in the Czech Republic Karel Janda, Zuzana Lajksnerova, Jakub Mikolasek
Prag [2018] Are the crude oil markets really becoming more efficient over time? some new evidence Ladislav Kristoufek
Prag [2019] Bank-sourced transition matrices are banks' internal credit risk estimates Markovian? Barbora Máková
Prag December 2017 Banks' capital surplus and the impact of additional capital requirements Simona Malovaná
Prag August 2017 Central Eastern and South Eastern European markets macro-fundamental analysis Oliver Polyak
Prag [2018] Central bank capital as an instrument of monetary policy Mojmir Hampl, Tomas Havranek
Prag December 2016 Cluster approach to institutional distance middlemen hypothesis application Michal Paulus, Eva Michalikova
Prag August 2017 Common cycles in volatility and cross section of stock returns Jozef Barunik, Lucie Kraicova
Prag [2019] Consumer preferences for sustainable and healthy lifestyle five-country discrete choice experiments Milan Ščasný, Iva Zvěřinová, Vojtěch Máca
Prag [2018] Contagious defaults in inter-bank networks Mohammad Ali Elminejad
Prag [2018] Cost efficiency of European cooperative banks Matej Kuc
Prag July 2017 Criminals on the field a study of college football Radek Janhuba, Kristyna Cechova
Prag [2019] Czech BEERs with PEERs tackling the uncertainty Jaromír Baxa, Pavel Jančovič
Prag [2019] Death to the Cobb-Douglas production function Sebastian Gechert, Tomáš Havránek, Zuzana Irsova, Dominika Kolcunova
Prag [2019] Decomposing multinational corporations' declining effective tax rates Javier Garcia-Bernardo, Petr Jansky, Thomas Torslov
Prag [2019] Decomposition analysis of air pollutants during the transition and post-transition periods in the Czech Republic Milan Ščasný, Beng Wah Ang, Lukáš Rečka
Prag February 2016 Determinants of generic substitution in the Czech Republic Jana Votapkova, Pavlina Zilova
Prag [2018] Devaluation with exchange rate floor in a small open economy David Svacina
Prag September 2016 Do EU funds crowd out other public expenditures? evidence on the additionality principle from the detailed Czech municipalities' data Petr Jansky, Tomas Krehlik, Jiri Skuhrovec
Prag July 2016 Do consumers really follow a rule of thumb? three thousand estimates from 130 studies say "Probably Not" Tomas Havranek, Anna Sokolova
Prag December 2017 Do cryptocurrencies and traditional asset classes influence each other? Josef Kurka
Prag February 2017 Do teaching practices impact socio-emotional skills? Vaclav Korbel, Michal Paulus
Prag [2019] Does central bank communication signal future monetary policy? the case of the ECB Hamza Bennani, Nicolas Fanta, Pavel Gertler, Roman Horvath
Prag November 2016 Does daylight saving save energy? a meta-analysis Tomas Havranek,Dominik Herman,Zuzana Irsova
Prag [2019] Does daylight saving time save electricity? evidence from Slovakia Peter Kudela, Dominik Herman, Zuzana Irsova
Prag [2019] Does income increase the well-being of employees? evidence from Europe Dominika Spolcova, Barbara Pertold-Gebicka
Prag February 2018 Does monetary policy influence banks' perception of risks? Simona Malovana, Dominika Kolcunova, Vaclav Broz
Prag [2018] Does the source of fundamental data matter? Ondrej Tobek, Martin Hronec
Prag September 2017 Does unemployment insurance affect productivity? Michal Soltes
Prag [2019] Duopolistic competition on a plane Davit Maskharashvili
Prag November 2017 Dynamics and factors of inflation convergence in the European Union Vaclav Broz, Evzen Kocenda
Prag [2018] Earnings stability and peer selection for indirect valuation Karel Janda
Prag [2018] Electives shopping, grading competition, and grading norms Martin Gregor
Prag December 2015 Electoral cycles in public expenditures evidence from Czech local governments Lenka Stastna
Prag [2018] Entrepreneurship in the information age an empirical analysis of the European regions Petr Pleticha
Prag January 2016 Equity premium and monetary policy in a model with limited asset market participation Roman Horvath, Lorant Kaszab
Prag [2019] Estimating energy price elasticities when salience is high residential natural gas demand in Ukraine Anna Alberini, Olha Khymych, Milan Ščasný
Prag [2019] Estimating the Armington elasticity the importance of data choice and publication bias Josef Bajzik, Tomas Havranek, Zuzana Irsova, Jiri Schwarz
Prag November 2016 Estimating the costs of international corporate tax avoidance the case of the Czech Republic Petr Jansky
Prag [2018] Estimating the effective lower bound for the Czech National Bank's policy rate Dominika Kolcunova, Tomas Havranek
Prag [2018] Estimating the revenue costs of tax treaties in developing countries Petr Jansky
Prag November 2017 Estimating the scale of profit shifting and tax revenue losses related to foreign direct investment Petr Jansky, Miroslav Palansky
Prag [2018] Estimating the value of crop diversity conservation services provided by the Czech National Programme for Agrobiodiversity Nicholas Tyack, Milan Scasny
Prag [2019] Estimation of price and income elasticity of residential water demand in the Czech Republic over three decades Milan Ščasný, Šarlota Smutná
Prag [2018] European banks and tax havens evidence from country-by-country reporting Petr Jansky
Prag November 2017 Exchange rate co-movements, hedging and volatility spillovers in new EU forex markets Evzen Kocenda, Michala Moravcova
Prag [2018] Extent of irrationality of the consumer combining the Critical Cost Eciency and Houtman Maks Indices Matej Opatrny
Prag [2019] Family size and subjective well-being in Europe do more children make us (un)happy? Barbara Pertold-Gebická, Dominika Špolcová
Prag [2018] Finance and wealth inequality Iftekhar Hasan, Roman Horvath, Jan Mares
Prag [2019] Financial crime spillovers does one gain to be avenged? Laure de Batz
Prag [2018] Financial impact of regulatory sanctions on French listed companies Laure de Batz
Prag December 2016 Financial variables in a policy rule does it bring macroeconomic benefits? Jan Zacek
Prag July 2017 Firm size and stock returns a meta-analysis Anton Astakhov, Tomas Havranek, Jiri Novak
Prag November 2017 Food versus fuel an updated and expanded evidence Ondrej Filip, Karel Janda, Ladislav Kristoufek, David Zilberman
Prag July 2016 Foods, fuels or finances which prices matter for biofuels? Ondrej Filip, Karel Janda, Ladislav Kristoufek, David Zilberman
Prag [2018] Foreign capital and domestic productivity in the Czech Republic Mojmir Hampl, Tomas Havranek
Prag May 2017 Foreign direct investments, institutional framework and economic growth Arshad Hayat
Prag May 2017 Health status as a determinant for pre-retirement savings Jana Votapkova, Pavlina Zilova
Prag [2019] Heterogeneity of returns to business R&D what does make a difference? Petr Pleticha
Prag [2018] How do regional price levels affect income inequality? household-level evidence from 21 countries Petr Jansky, Marek Sedivy
Prag [2018] Impact of German Energiewende on transmission lines in the Central European region Jan Malek, Lukas Recka, Karel Janda
Prag June 2016 Impact of mergers and acquisitions on European insurers evidence from equity markets Petr Jakubik; Dimitris Zafeiris
Prag [2019] Impact of terrorist incidents on tourism in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia a dynamic heterogeneous panel approach Ugur Gok, Ikechukwu Nwaka
Prag [2018] Individual discount rates a meta-analysis of the experimental evidence Jindrich Matousek
Prag February 2017 Influence of renewable energy sources on electricity transmission networks in Central Europe Karel Janda, Jan Malek, Lukáš Rečka
Prag March 2017 Interest rates modeling and forecasting do macroeconomic factors matter? Adam Kucera
Prag September 2017 International spillovers of (un)conventional monetary policy the effect of the ECB and US fed on non-euro EU countries Jan Hajek, Roman Horvath
Prag September 2016 Intraday effect of news on emerging European forex markets an event study analysis Evzen Kocenda, Michala Moravcova
Prag [2018] Is Panama really your tax haven? secrecy jurisdictions and the countries they harm Petr Jansky, Markus Meinzer, Miroslav Palansky
Prag [2019] Key determinants of net interest margin of EU banks in the zero lower bound of interest rates Petr Hanzlík, Petr Teplý
Prag March 2016 Life expectancy and its determinants in the Czech Republic Vojtech Korbelius, Michal Paulus, Tomas Troch
Prag January 2016 Management board composition of banking institutions and bank risk-taking the case of the Czech Republic Diana Zigraiova
Prag August 2017 Measurement of common risk factors a panel quantile regression model for returns Frantisek Cech, Jozef Barunik
Prag [2018] Measurement of volatility spillovers and asymmetric connectedness on commodity and equity markets Tereza Palanska
Prag January 2017 Measuring the income elasticity of water demand the importance of publication and endogeneity bias Tomas Havranek, Zuzana Irsova, Tomas Vlach
Prag [2019] Minimum wage increase and firm profitability evidence from Poland Mykola Babiak, Olena Chorna, Barbara Pertold-Gebicka
Prag [2019] Modeling UK mortgage demand using online searches Jaroslav Pavlicek, Ladislav Kristoufek
Prag [2018] Modelling electric vehicles as an abatement technology in a hybrid CGE model Stefan Schmelzer, Michael Miess, Milan Scasny, Vedunka Kopecna
Prag September 2016 Monetary policy and macroprudential policy rivals or teammates? Simona Malovana, Jan Frait
Prag [2019] Mortgage-related bank penalties and systemic risk among U.S. banks Václav Brož, Evžen Kočenda
Prag [2019] Multinational corporations and tax havens evidence from country-by-country reporting Javier Garcia-Bernardo, Petr Jansky, Thomas Tørsløv
Prag January 2016 Natural resources and economic growth a meta-analysis Tomas Havranek, Roman Horvath, Ayaz Zeynalov
Prag [2019] Nature-based, structural, or soft measures of adaptation? preferences for climate change adaptation measures to limit damages from droughts Milan Ščasný, Iva Zvěřinová, Alistair Hunt
Prag November 2016 OECD anti-bribery policy and structural differences inside the EU Michal Paulus, Eva Michalikova
Prag [2019] Parental leave length and mothers' careers what can be inferred from occupational allocation? Barbara Pertold-Gebicka
Prag [2019] Partisan fiscal policy evidence from Central and Eastern Europe Ondřej Schneider
Prag March 2016 Patents a means to innovation or strategic ends? Jiri Schwarz, Martin Stepanek
Prag August 2017 Pension reforms and adverse demographics the case of the Czech Republic Martin Stepanek
Prag [2019] Performance comparison of European cooperative and commercial banks in a low interest rate environment Matěj Kuc, Petr Teplý
Prag January 2018 Photovoltaics and the Slovak electricity market Karel Janda, Michaela Koscova
Prag [2019] Predatory publications in Scopus evidence on cross-country differences Vít Machác̆ek, Martin Srholec
Prag March 2017 Prices of biofuels and related commodities an example of combined economics and graph theory approach Ondrej Filip, Karel Janda, Ladislav Kristoufek
Prag December 2015 Productivity spillovers from foreign direct investment the case of Ethiopia Abeba Nigussie Turi
Prag July 2016 Prospect Theory in the Heterogeneous Agent Model Jan Polach, Jiri Kukacka
Prag July 2016 Public employment effects over the business cycle the Czech case Vedunka Kopecna
Prag [2019] Quantifying endogeneity of cryptocurrency markets Michael Mark, Jan Sila, Thomas A. Weber
Prag August 2016 Quantifying the effects of the CNB's exchange rate commitment a synthetic control method approach Matej Opatrny
Prag June 2016 Real exchange rate misalignment in the euro area is the current development helpful? Jan Hajek
Prag [2019] Realized moments and bond pricing Barbora Malinska
Prag [2019] Regulatory stress tests and bank responses heterogeneous treatment effect in dynamic settings Karel Janda, Oleg Kravtsov
Prag [2019] Remittances and economic growth a meta-analysis Alina Cazachevici, Tomas Havranek, Roman Horvath
Prag [2019] Renewable energy financial modelling: a China case study Karel Janda, Binyi Zhang
Prag [2018] Residual shape risk on Czech natural gas market Karel Janda, Jakub Kourilek
Prag June 2016 Risk management of demand deposits in a low interest rate environment Hana Dzmuranova
Prag [2019] Sectoral impacts of international labour migration and population ageing in the Czech Republic Martin Stepanek
Prag September 2017 Selectivity problem in demand analysis single equation approach Sarlota Smutna, Milan Scasny
Prag July 2017 Should inflation measures used by central banks incorporate house prices? the Czech approach Mojmir Hampl, Tomas Havranek
Prag [2018] Should monetary policy lean against the wind? an evidence from a DSGE model with occasionally binding constraint Jan Zacek
Prag March 2016 Simulated ML estimation of financial agent-based models Jiří Kukačka, Jozef Baruník
Prag January 2018 Smoking Czechs modeling tobacco consumption and taxation Karel Janda, Martin Strobl
Prag [2018] Structural analysis of influences on workplace productivity loss Martin Stepanek, Kaveh Jahanshahi
Prag May 2017 Systemic risk in the European financial and energy sector dynamic factor copula approach Matej Nevrla
Prag [2019] Tail risks, asset prices, and investment horizons Jozef Baruník, Matěj Nevrla
Prag [2018] Tax haven investors and corporate profitability evidence of profit shifting by German-based affiliates of multinational firms Sarah Godar
Prag [2019] Tax treaties worldwide estimating elasticities and revenue foregone Petr Janský, Jan Láznička
Prag [2019] The Czech exchange rate floor: depreciation without inflation? Jaromír Baxa, Tomáš Šestořád
Prag [2018] The bank lending survey Eva Hromadkova, Oldrich Koza, Petr Polak, Nikol Polakova
Prag [2019] The costs of tax havens evidence from industry-level data Petr Jansky
Prag [2019] The effect of higher capital requirements on bank lending the capital surplus matters Dominika Kolcunová, Simona Malovaná
Prag [2019] The elusive effects of residential energy efficiency improvements evidence from Ukraine Anna Alberini, Olha Khymych, Milan Ščasný
Prag November 2016 The euro's trade effect a meta-analysis Petr Polak
Prag [2018] The impact of agricultural subsidies on farm production a synthetic control method approach Matej Opatrny
Prag [2019] The impact of the Brexit vote on UK financial markets a synthetic control method approach Matej Opatrny
Prag March 2017 The influence of renewable energy sources on the Czech electricity transmission system Karel Janda, Jan Malek, Lukáš Rečka
Prag January 2017 The merit order effect of Czech photovoltaic plants Petra Lunackova, Jan Prusa, Karel Janda
Prag [2018] The predicting power of soft information on defaults in the Chinese P2P lending market Yao Wang, Zdenek Drabek, Zhengwei Wang
Prag [2019] The progress of global financial transparency evidence from the financial secrecy index 2009-2018 Petr Jansky, Miroslav Palansky
Prag [2018] The relationship between fuel, biofuel and food prices methods and outcomes Karel Janda, Ladislav Kristoufek
Prag [2018] The value of political connections in the post-transition period evidence from the Czech Republic Miroslav Palansky
Prag [2018] Time-frequency response analysis of monetary policy transmission Lubos Hanus, Lukas Vacha
Prag August 2017 Tuition fees and university enrollment a meta-analysis Tomas Havranek, Zuzana Irsova, Olesia Zeynalova
Prag [2018] Underlying motivations for rule-violation among juvenile delinquents a lab-in-the-field experiment Lubomir Cingl, Vaclav Korbel
Prag January 2017 Updating the long term rate in time a possible approach Diana Zigraiova, Petr Jakubik
Prag [2018] Volatility term structure modeling using Nelson-Siegel model Barbora Malinska, Jozef Barunik
Prag May 2016 What are the biggest obstacles to growth of SMEs in developing countries? a picture emerging from an enterprise survey Yao Wang
Prag [2018] Why Did EU banks change their business models in last years and what was the impact of net fee and commission income on their performance? Karolina Vozkova
Prag January 2016 zIndex - benchmarking municipalities in public procurement Jiri Skuhrovec, Jan Soudek