The handbook of political economy of communications

"Over the last decade, political economy has grown rapidly as a specialist area of research and teaching within communications and media studies and is now established as a core element in university programmes around the world. The Handbook of Political Economy of Communications offers students... Ausführliche Beschreibung

Weitere Verfasser: 1945- [HerausgeberIn]
Verfasserangabe: ed. by Janet Wasko ...
Format: Buch
Sprache: Englisch
veröffentlicht: Chichester [u.a.]: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011
Enthält: Introduction: The Political Economy of Communications: Core Concerns and Issues / Janet Wasko, Graham Murdock, and Helena Sousa
Legacies and Debates. Political Economies as Moral Economies: Commodities, Gifts, and Public Goods / Graham Murdock
The Political Economy of Communication Revisited / Nicholas Garnham
Markets in Theory and Markets in Television / Eileen R. Meehan and Paul J. Torre
Theorizing the Cultural Industries: Persistent Specificities and Reconsiderations / Bernard Miège ; translation by Chloé Salles
Communication Economy Paths: A Latin American Approach / Martín Becerra and Guillermo Mastrini
Modalities of Power: Ownership, Advertising, Government. The Media Amid Enterprises, the Public, and the State: New Challenges for Research / Giuseppe Richeri
Media Ownership, Concentration, and Control: The Evolution of Debate / John D. H. Downing
Maximizing Value: Economic and Cultural Synergies / Nathan Vaughan
Economy, Ideology, and Advertising / Roque Faraone
Branding and Culture / John Sinclair
Liberal Fictions: The Public-Private Dichotomy in Media Policy / Andrew Calabrese and Colleen Mihal
The Militarization of US Communications / Dan Schiller
Journalism Regulation: State Power and Professional Autonomy / Helena Sousa and Joaquim Fidalgo
Conditions of Creativity: Industries, Production, Labor. The Death of Hollywood: Exaggeration or Reality? / Janet Wasko
The Political Economy of the Recorded Music Industry: Redefinitions and New Trajectories in the Digital Age / André Sirois and Janet Wasko
The Political Economy of Labor / Vincent Mosco
Toward a Political Economy of Labor in the Media Industries / David Hesmondhalgh and Sarah Baker
Dynamics of Consumption: Choice, Mobilization, Control . From the "Work of Consumption" to the "Work of Prosumers": New Scenarios, Problems, and Risks / Giovanni Cesareo
The Political Economy of Audiences / Daniel Biltereyst and Philippe Meers
The Political Economy of Personal Information / Oscar H. Gandy, Jr.
The Political Economy of Political Ignorance / Sophia Kaitatzi-Whitlock
Emerging Issues and Directions. Media and Communication Studies Going Global / Jan Ekecrantz
New International Debates on Culture, Information, and Communication / Armand Mattelart ; translation by Liz Libbrecht
Global Capitalism, Temporality, and the Political Economy of Communication / Wayne Hope
Global Media Capital and Local Media Policy / Michael Curtin
The Challenge of China: Contribution to a Transcultural Political Economy of Communication for the Twenty-First Century / Yuezhi Zhao.
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