Discussion papers / Centre for Regional Studies of Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Späterer Titel: Forts. Közgazdaság- és Regionális Tudományi Kutatóközpont
Körperschaft: Regionális Kutatások Központja [Verfasser]
Format: Monographische Schriftenreihe, Elektronische Schriftenreihe
Sprache: Englisch
veröffentlicht: Pécs, 1986-2011
RVK-Klassifikation: 15.61Ähnliche Treffer finden
ISSN: 0238-2008
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Band Jahr Titel
Pécs 2002 Before Schengen - ready for Schengen euroregional organisations and new interregional formations at the eastern borders of Hungary by Béla Baranyi
Pécs 1999 Borderland situation and periferality in the north-eastern part of the Great Hungarian Plain by Béla Baranyi ...
Pécs 2004 Carpathian Basin and the development of the Hungarian landscape theory until 1948 by Zoltán Hajdú
Pécs 1998 Central-local relations in Hungarian local goverment financing by Mihály Lados
Pécs 2006 Chances of Hungarian-Slovak cross-border relations by István Mezei
Pécs 2006 Changes in the organisational framework of cooperation within urban areas in Hungary by Edit Somlyósdyné Pfeil
Pécs 1998 Changes in the politico-geographical position of Hungary in the 20th century by Zoltán Hajdú
Pécs 2000 Civil organisations and regional identity in the south Hungarian great plain by István Murányi ...
Pécs 2006 Clusterisation processes in the Hungarian automotive industry by András Grosz
Pécs 2009 Cohesion deficiencies in eastern and central Europe - inequalities of regional research area by Gyula Horváth
Pécs 2009 Cooperation and innovativity the network foundations of the regional system of innovation by Zoltán Csizmadia
Pécs 2001 Cross-border co-operation in the border region of the southern great plain of Hungary by Imre Nagy
Pécs 2007 Development issues of the Balaton region by Attila Buday-Sántha
Pécs 1999 Fall and revival of city centre retailing: planning an urban function in Leicester, Britain by Erika Nagy
Pécs 2008 Global and regional roles of the Russian transport infrastructures by Ferenc Erdősi
Pécs 2009 Governance for sustainability two case studies from Hungary by Ilona Pálné Kovács, Viktor Varjú (eds.)
Pécs 2006 Hungary - the new border of the European Union ed. by Györgyi Barta
Pécs 2006 Idealistic vision or reality? life-long learning among the Romany ethnic groups by Éva G. Fekete ...
Pécs 2008 Industrial development, public policy and spatial differentiation in Central Europe continuities and change by Gábor Lux
Pécs 1999 Industrial restructuring in the Budapest agglomeration by Györgyi Barta
Pécs 2009 Local dimensions of a wider European neighbourhood crossborder relations and civil society in the Hungarian Ukrainian border area ; the case of the EUDIMENSIONS project by Zoltán Hajdú; Gábor Lux; Ilona Pálné Kovács
Pécs 2007 Local system and spatial change - the case of Bóly in South Transdanubia by Marie-Claude Maurel; Péter Póla
Pécs 2005 Long-term unemployment and its alleviation in rural areas case of Hungary by Éva G. Fekete
Pécs 2007 Path dependency or route flexibility in demand responsive transport? the case study of TWIST project by Ferenc Erdősi ...
Pécs 2006 Regional characteristics of human resources in Hungary during the transition by János Rechnitzer; Melinda Smahó
Pécs 2001 Regional development and governance in Hungary by Ilona Pálné Kovács
Pécs 1999 Regional development in Hungary and its preparation for the structural funds by Simone Rave
Pécs 2008 Regional innovation system in West Transdanubia by Zoltán Csizmadia; András Grosz
Pécs 2008 Regional transformation in Russia by Gyula Horváth
Pécs 2004 Regions in information society a Hungarian case-study by Bálint Csatári ...
Pécs 2006 Rehabilitating the brownfield zones of Budapest by Györgyi Barta
Pécs 2007 Relation analysis in rural space a research method for exploring the spatial structure in Hungary by Irén Szörényiné Kukorelli
Pécs 2002 Report on the research results of the Centre for Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences ed. by Gyula Horváth
Pécs 2001 Rural development in Hungary by Teréz Kovacs
Pécs 2004 Spatial development and the expanding European integration of the Hungarian banking system by Zoltán Gál
Pécs 2009 Territorial planning, its actors and instruments. The Portuguese & Hungarian Planning System by Ana Margarida Martins Cardoso
Pécs 1999 The Hungarian urban network at the end of the second millennium by Pál Beluszky
Pécs 2005 The Hungarian urban network in the beginning of the 20th century by Pál Beluszky; Róbert Győri
Pécs 2006 The banking functions of the Hungarian urban network in the early 20th century by Zoltán Gál
Pécs 2003 The city and its environment: competition and/or co-operation? (a Hungarian case study) by Viktoria Szirmai ...
Pécs 2007 The economic chambers and the enforcement of local economic interests by Péter Póla
Pécs 2000 The features of the transition of Hungary's regional system by János Rechnitzer
Pécs 2004 The general theory of public (spatial) planning the social technique for creating the future by László Faragó
Pécs 2009 The relation systems of metropolitan areas comparative analyses of capital city regions by the example of Budapest, Székesfehérvár, Tatabánya in Hungary and of Paris and Sens in France by Gabriella Baráth
Pécs 2008 The role of Hungarian local governments in local economic development by Cecília Mezei
Pécs 2002 The role of the state in the urban development of Budapest by Krisztina Keresztély
Pécs 2007 The social characteristics of Hungarian historic city centres by Viktória Szirmai
Pécs 2001 The spatial differences of modernisation in Hungary at the beginning of the 20th century by Pál Beluszky
Pécs 2008 The state of the info-communication markets in Dél-Alföld region - Hungary by Imre Kanalas; Gábor Nagy
Pécs 2008 Transborder movements and relations in the Slovakian-Hungarian border regions Zoltán Csizmadia ... Ed.: Tamás Hardi
Pécs 1998 Transformation in Central European postsocialist cities by György Enyedi