Part Of Central New Mexico ; Atlas Sheet No. 77, (B.) ; Expeditions of 1874, 75 & 76

Weitere Verfasser: 1842-1905 [BerichterstatterIn] ; [BerichterstatterIn] ; [BerichterstatterIn] ; [BerichterstatterIn]
Verfasserangabe: Weyss, Herman & Lang Del. Under the Command of Geo. M. Wheeler. Executive Officers and Field Astronomers: P.M. Price, C.C. Morrison. Topographical Assistants: G. Thompson, F. Carpenter, F.A. Clark, A. Karl and F.O. Maxson. Under The Direction Of A. A. Humphreys. By Order Of The Honorable The Secretary Of War
Format: E-Book, kartografisches Bild
Sprache: Englisch
veröffentlicht: Santa Fe: Museum of New Mexico, 1969,
Online-Ausg.. Berlin: Mikro-Univers GmbH, 2010
Auflage: Facsimile of the original [in: Topographical Atlas Projected To Illustrate United States Geographical Surveys West Of The 100th Meridian Of Longitude Prosecuted In Accordance With Acts Of Congress], 1877
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