OECD environment working paper

Körperschaft: OECD [Verfasser]
Format: Elektronische Schriftenreihe, Monographische Schriftenreihe
Sprache: Englisch
veröffentlicht: Paris: OECD Publ., 2008-
ISSN: 1997-0900
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Band Jahr Titel
no. 125 2017 Estimating publicly-mobilised private finance for climate action a South African case study Lauren McNicoll, Raphaël Jachnik, Gaylor Montmasson-Clair and Shakespear Mudombi
no. 135 2018 Mapping support for primary and secondary metal production Andrew McCarthy, Peter Börkey
no. 136 2018 Assessing the economic valuation of the benefits of regulating chemicals lessons learned from five case studies Ståle Navrud
no. 137 2018 Impacts of green growth policies on labour markets and wage income distribution a general equilibrium application to climate and energy policies Jean Chateau, Ruben Bibas, Elisa Lanzi
no. 138 2018 OECD progress update on approaches to mobilising institutional investment for sustainable infrastructure background paper to the G20 Sustainable Finance Study Group Dirk Röttgers, Aayush Tandon, Christopher Kaminker
no. 139 2018 Power struggle decarbonising the electricity sector : effects of climate policies, policy misalignments and political economy factors on decarbonisation Dirk Röttgers, Brilé Anderson
no. 140 2018 Clean power for a cool planet electricity infrastructure plans and the Paris Agreement Mariana Mirabile, Jennifer Calder
no. 141 2018 Evaluating the effectiveness of policy instruments for biodiversity impact evaluation, costeffectiveness analysis and other approaches Katia Karousakis
no. 142 2019 Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and the impact of online sales Mark Hilton, Chris Sherrington, Andrew McCarthy, Peter Börkey
no. 143 2019 Evaluating the impact of urban road pricing on the use of green transport modes the case of Milan Elisabetta Cornago, Alexandros Dimitropoulos, Walid Oueslati
no. 144 2019 Vintage differentiated regulations and plant survival evidence from coal-fired plants Daniel Coysh, Nick Johnstone, Tomasz Koźluk, Daniel Nachtigall, Miguel Cárdenas Rodríguez
no. 145 2019 The environmental and welfare implications of parking policies Antonio Russo, Jos van Ommeren, Alexandros Dimitropoulos
no. 146 2019 Tracking finance flows towards assessing their consistency with climate objectives proposed scope, knowns and unknowns Raphaël Jachnik, Mariana Mirabile, Alexander Dobrinevski