CIS discussion paper series

Vorheriger Titel: Vorg. Hitotsubashi Daigaku. Center for Intergenerational Studies
Körperschaft: Hitotsubashi Daigaku, Center for Intergenerational Studies [Verfasser]
Format: Monographische Schriftenreihe, Elektronische Schriftenreihe
Sprache: Englisch
veröffentlicht: Tōkyō, 2011-
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Band Jahr Titel
no. 661 [May 2017] The effects of providing eldercare on daughters’ employment and mental health in Japan Takashi Oshio and Emiko Usui
no. 662 [June 2017] The evolution of inflation expectations in Japan Masazumi Hattori and James Yetman
no. 664 [October 2017] A sovereign wealth fund for a non-oil producing country the case of Japan Koichi Hamada, James Leitner, and Masahiko Tsutsumi
no. 665 [October 2017] Several questions on basic ideas of the 1994 World Bank Report "Averting the Old Age Crisis" N. Takayama
no. 666 [December 2017] Major changes in Japanese public pension system their backgrounds and underlying philosophies N. Takayama
no. 667 [February 2018] Cross-stock market spillovers through variance risk premiums and equity flows Masazumi Hattori, Ilhyock Shim and Yoshihiko Sugihara
no. 668 [June 2018] Going abroad to innovate? the role of entrepreneurial orientation in foreign business expansion for Japanese small and medium-sized manufacturers Satoshi Yamamoto, Viktoriya Kan, Roman Bartnik
no. 671 [October 2018] Does entrepreneurial orientation matter in entrepreneurial intention, effectual behavior, and entrepreneurial outcomes of Japanese SMEs? Satoshi Yamamoto, Viktoriya Kan
no. 674 [December 2018] The role of public pensions in income inequality among elderly households in China 1988–2013 Jinjing Li, Xinmei Wang, Jing Xu, Chang Yuan
no. 675 [December 2018] Working longer in China implicit tax or subsidy? Jing Xu and Xinmei Wang
no. 676 [December 2018] The economic consequences of the 2018 US-China trade conflict a CGE simulation analysis Masahiko Tsutsumi