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Körperschaft: CIRP - The International Academy for Production Engineering [Verfasser]
Format: Elektronische Zeitschrift
Sprache: Englisch
veröffentlicht: Amsterdam [u.a.]: Elsevier, 2012-
ISSN: 2212-8271
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Band Jahr Titel
1(2012), Seite 466-470 2012 Influence of Milling Process Parameters on the Surface Integrity of CFRP Oliver Pecat; Rüdiger Rentsch; Ekkard Brinksmeier;
1(2012), Seite 540-545 2012 Adapted Non-Circular Soft Turning of Bearing rings–Impact of Process Machine Interactions on Compensation Potential B. Beekhuis; D. Stoebener; E. Brinksmeier;
3(2012), 1, Seite 55-60 15 August 2012 Integral analysis of labor productivity T. Czumanski, H. Lödding
3(2012), Seite 311-316 2012 Throughput time characteristics of rush orders and their impact on standard orders D. Trzyna, A. Kuyumcu, H. Lödding
3(2012), Seite 358-363 2012 Suitability of the ISO 10303-207 Standard for Product Modeling of Line Linked Micro Parts K. Tracht; F. Weikert; T. Hanke;
7(2013), Seite 563-568 2013 Spare Parts Planning for Offshore Wind Turbines Subject to Restrictive Maintenance Conditions Kirsten Tracht; Jan Westerholt; Peter Schuh;
8(2013), Seite 15-20 2013 Prediction of Shape Deviations in Face Milling of Steel M. Gulpak; J. Sölter; E. Brinksmeier;
8(2013), Seite 444-449 2013 Modeling of delamination during milling of unidirectional CFRP Wolfgang Hintze, Dirk Hartmann
11(2013), Seite 334-339 2013 Applied Repairable-item Inventory Modeling in the Aviation Industry Kirsten Tracht; Florian von der Hagen; Daniel Schneider;
12(2013), Seite 324-329 2013 Demand Planning based on Performance Measurement Systems in Closed Loop Supply Chains K. Tracht; A. Niestegge; P. Schuh;
13(2014), Seite 1-7 2014 Low Damage Drilling of CFRP/Titanium Compound Materials for Fastening Oliver Pecat; Ekkard Brinksmeier;
13(2014), Seite 108-113 2014 Influence of Additives in Metalworking Fluids on the Wear Resistance of Steels A. G. Huesmann-Cordes; D. Meyer; E. Brinksmeier; J. Schulz;
13(2014), Seite 131-136 2014 A Versatile Method to Determine Thermal Limits in Grinding C. Heinzel; J. Sölter; S. Jermolajev; B. Kolkwitz; E. Brinksmeier;
13(2014), Seite 429-434 2014 Process Signatures – A New Approach to Solve the Inverse Surface Integrity Problem in Machining Processes Ekkard Brinksmeier; Fritz Klocke; Don A. Lucca; Jens Sölter; Daniel Meyer;
13(2014), Seite 429-434 2014 Process Signatures – A New Approach to Solve the Inverse Surface Integrity Problem in Machining Processes Ekkard Brinksmeier; Fritz Klocke; Don A. Lucca; Jens Sölter; Daniel Meyer;
14(2014), Seite 83-88 2014 Machinability of Powder Metallurgy Steels Using PcBN Inserts Rachid M'Saoubi; Tobias Czotscher; Olof Andersson; Daniel Meyer;
14(2014), Seite 142-147 2014 Tool Wear Analyses in Low Frequency Vibration Assisted Drilling of CFRP/Ti6Al4V Stack Material Oliver Pecat; Ekkard Brinksmeier;
14(2014), Seite 205-210 2014 Constant depth scoring of fibre reinforced plastic structures to prevent delamination Tobias Geis; Christian Klingelhöller; Wolfgang Hintze
17(2014), Seite 446-450 2014 Varying Repair Capacity in a Repairable Item System Kirsten Tracht; Lars Funke; Daniel Schneider;
19(2014), Seite 111-116 2014 Production phase-out during plant shutdown Regina Grussenmeyer; Sükran Gencay; Thorsten Blecker
20(2014), Seite 20-25 2014 Methodical approach for consideration of ramp-up risks in the product development of complex products Steffen Elstner; Dieter Krause
21(2014), Seite 75-80 2014 An example of visually supported design of modular product families Nicolas Gebhardt; Tammo Bahns; Dieter Krause
22(2014), Seite 109-114 2014 Integration of Expert Judgment into Remaining Useful Lifetime Prediction of Components Peter Schuh; Hendrik Stern; Kirsten Tracht;
26(2015j), Seite 196-201 27 March 2015 Towards sustainable development by creation of green social entrepreneur's communities Ali Zahedi, Ralf Otterpohl
31(2015), Seite 276-281 2015 Least-squares Based Parameter Identification for a Function-related Surface Optimisation in Micro Ball-end Milling J. Vehmeyer; I. Piotrowska-Kurczewski; F. Böhmermann; O. Riemer; P. Maaß;
31(2015), Seite 282-286 2015 Modelling of Grain Motion for Three-body Abrasion I. Loresch; O. Riemer;
31(2015), Seite 346-351 2015 Development and Validation of a Hybrid Model for the Prediction of Shape Deviations in dry Machining Processes M. Gulpak; J. Sölter;
31(2015), Seite 441-446 2015 Development of a Discrete Event Model for Energy and Resource Efficient Milling Rüdiger Rentsch; Carsten Heinzel;
31(2015), Seite 465-470 2015 Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Workpiece Thermal Load During External Cylindrical Grinding Stepan Jermolajev; Carsten Heinzel; Ekkard Brinksmeier;
33(2015), Seite 139-144 2015 Artificial Intelligence for an Energy and Resource Efficient Manufacturing Chain Design and Operation Rüdiger Rentsch; Carsten Heinzel; E. Brinksmeier;
37(2015), Seite 1-6 2015 Progress Monitoring and Gesture Control in Manual Assembly Systems Using 3D-image Sensors Simon Kaczmarek; Sebastian Hogreve; Kirsten Tracht;
40(2016), Seite 654-659 2016 Dry Rotary Swaging with Structured Tools Marius Herrmann; Christian Schenck; Bernd Kuhfuss;
45(2016), Seite 43-46 2016 Material Modifications Caused by Thermal and Mechanical Load During Grinding S. Jermolajev; J. Epp; C. Heinzel; E. Brinksmeier;
45(2016), Seite 51-54 2016 Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Residual Stress Change Caused by Thermal Loads During Grinding Sven Kuschel; Benjamin Kolkwitz; Jens Sölter; Ekkard Brinksmeier; Carsten Heinzel;
45(2016), Seite 191-194 2016 Surface and Material Modifications of Tempered Steel after Precision Grinding with Electroplated Coarse Grained Diamond Wheels C. Heinzel; F. Borchers; D. Berger; L. Ehle;
45(2016), Seite 327-330 2016 A Simulation Based Development of Process Signatures for Manufacturing Processes with Thermal Loads Friedhelm Frerichs; Jens Sölter; Thomas Lübben; Ekkard Brinksmeier; Hans-Werner Zoch;
45(2016), Seite 363-366 2016 Surface Integrity of AISI 4140 After Deep Rolling with Varied External and Internal Loads D. Meyer; J. Kämmler;
45(2016), Seite 367-370 2016 Electron Microscopic Characterization of Mechanically Modified Surface Layers of Deep Rolled Steel L. Ehle; J. Kämmler; D. Meyer; A. Schwedt; J. Mayer;
46(2016), Seite 185-188 2016 Microfluidic Balancing Concepts for Ultraprecision High Speed Applications Timo Dörgeloh; Arne Beinhauer; Oltmann Riemer; Ekkard Brinksmeier;
46(2016), Seite 193-196 2016 Size Effect in Micro Machining of Steel Depending on the Material State Melanie Willert; Oltmann Riemer; Ekkard Brinksmeier;
46(2016), Seite 424-427 2016 Control of a Thermal Actuator for UP-milling with Multiple Cutting Edges Lars Schönemann; Oltmann Riemer; Ekkard Brinksmeier;
46(2016), Seite 452-455 2016 Dynamic Behavior of an Ultra Precision Spindle used in Machining of Optical Components Eike Foremny; Christian Schenck; Bernd Kuhfuß;
46(2016), Seite 456-459 2016 Dynamic Behavior of Ultra Precision Feed Axis at Increased Velocities Arne Bloem; Christian Schenck; Bernd Kuhfuss;
46(2016), Seite 472-475 2016 Influence of Different Machining Conditions on the Subsurface Properties of Drilled TiAl6V4 Tebbe Paulsen; Oliver Pecat; Ekkard Brinksmeier;
47(2016), Seite 108-113 2016 Requirements for cross-domain Knowledge Sharing in collaborative Product-Service System design Stefan Wiesner, Fenareti Lampathaki, Evmorfia Biliri, Klaus-Dieter Thoben
47(2016), Seite 376-381 2016 Improving Product-Service Systems by Exploiting Information from the Usage Phase - A Case Study Johannes Lützenberger, Patrick Klein, Karl Hribernik, Klaus-Dieter Thoben
50(2016), Seite 20-25 2016 Approach to describe knowledge sharing between producer and user Stefan Wellsandt, Klaus-Dieter Thoben
50(2016), Seite 76-81 2016 Improving Design Efforts and Assembly Efficiency of Rotor Blade Carriers through Modularisation Simon Kaczmarek; Sebastian Hogreve; Andreas Greten; Marco Schröder; Kirsten Tracht;
50(2016), Seite 281-286 2016 Process types of customisation and personalisation in design for additive manufacturing applied to vascular models Johanna Spallek, Dieter Krause
52(2016), Seite 245-250 2016 Logistical Control of Flexible Processes in High-throughput Systems by Order Release and Sequence Planning Ann-Kathrin Onken; Alexander Bader; Kirsten Tracht;
54(2016), Seite 119-123 2016 BERTHA - A @Flexible Learning Factory for Manual Assembly Sonja Schreiber; Lars Funke; Kirsten Tracht;
60(2017), Seite 187-192 2017 Analysis of design guidelines for automated order acceptance in additive manufacturing Jan-Peer Rudolph; Claus Emmelmann
60(2017), Seite 524-529 2017 Continuing education and personalization of design methods to improve their acceptance in practice an explorative study Selin Üreten, Gregor Beckmann, Eilika Schwenke, Dieter Krause, Shi Cao
62(2017), Seite 62-67 2017 Influence of curved workpiece contours on delamination during end milling of FRP Wolfgang Hintze, Felix Brügmann
63(2017), Seite 412-417 2017 A cloud-based platform for automated order processing in additive Manufacturing Jan-Peer Rudolph, Claus Emmelmann
63(2017), Seite 477-482 2017 Determining the potential to Improve schedule compliance Andreas Piontek, Hermann Lödding
66(2017), Seite 210-214 2017 Analysis and modeling of heat flux into the tool in abrasive circular cutting of unidirectional CFRP Wolfgang Hintze, Christian Klingelhöller
67(2018), Seite 185-190 2018 Self-learning calculation for selective laser melting Jan-Peer Rudolph, Claus Emmelmann
70(2018), Seite 380-385 2018 Towards a decision-making framework for multi-criteria product modularization in cooperative environments Marc Windheim, Nicolas Gebhardt, Dieter Krause
volume 72 2018 51st CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems edited by Lihui Wang
volume 73 2018 10th CIRP Conference on Industrial Product-Service Systems, IPS2 2018, 29-31 May 2018, Linköping, Sweden edited by Tomohiko Sakao, Mattias Lindahl, Yang Liu, Carl Dalhammar
volume 74 2018 10th CIRP Conference on Photonic Technologies LANE 2018 edited by M. Schmidt, F. Vollertsen, G. Dearden
74(2018), Seite 136-139 2018 Laser metal deposition of bionic aluminum supports: reduction of the energy input for additive manufacturing of a fuselage Markus Heilemann, Jaco Beckmann, Detlev Konigorski, Claus Emmelmann
74(2018), Seite 163-167 2018 Evolutionary-based optimization strategy in a hybrid manufactured process using LMD Ake Ewald, Torben Sassenberg, Josef Schlattmann
74(2018), Seite 276-279 2018 Post-processing of additively manufactured cutting edges by laser ablation Sina Hallmann, Tim Wolny, Claus Emmelmann
volume 75 2018 The 15th CIRP Conference on Computer Aided Tolerancing, CIRP CAT 2018, 11-13 June 2018, Milan, Italy edited by Giovanni Moroni, Stefano Petrò
volume 76 2018 7th CIRP Conference on Assembly Technologies and Systems (CATS 2018) edited by Shuxin Wang, Zhiliang Wu
volume 77 2018 8th CIRP Conference on High Performance Cutting (HPC 2018) edited by László Monostori, Gabor Stepan, Dániel Bachrathy
volume 78 2018 6th CIRP Global Web Conference Envisaging the future manufacturing, design, technologies and systems in innovation era (CIRPe 2018) edited by Alessandro Simeone, Paolo Claudio Priarone
volume 79 2019 12th CIRP Conference on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering, 18-20 July 2018, Gulf of Naples, Italy edited by Roberto Teti
volume 80 2019 26th CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA May 7-9, 2019 edited by John W. Sutherland, Steven J. Skerlos, Fu Zhao
volume 81 2019 52nd CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems (CMS), Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 12-14, 2019 edited by Peter Butala, Edvard Govekar, Rok Vrabič
volume 82 2019 17th CIRP Conference on Modelling of Machining Operations (17th CIRP CMMO) Edited by Erdem Ozturk, Tom Mcleay, Rachid Msaoubi
volume 83 2019 11th CIRP Conference on Industrial Product-Service Systems Edited by George Q Huang, Ting Qu, Matthias Thürer, Suxiu Xu, Mohamed Khalgui
volume 84 [2019] 29th CIRP Design Conference 2019, 08-10 May 2019, Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal edited by Goran D. Putnik
84(2019), Seite 130-135 2019 Strategies for customer satisfaction and customer requirement fulfillment within the trend of individualization Juliane Kuhl, Dieter Krause
84(2019), Seite 290-295 2019 The impact of modular product architectures in PSS design a systematic literature review Christoph Rennpferd, Erik Greve, Dieter Krause
84(2019), Seite 731-736 4 September 2019 Long-term effects of modular product architectures an empirical follow-up study Erik Greve, Dieter Krause
85(2019), Seite 2-7 2019 Temperature field due to a moving heat source in machining orthotropic composites with arbitrary fiber orientation Jan Mehnen, Wolfgang Hintze, Lars Köttner, Robert von Wenserski