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Gamendazole, an Orally Active Indazole Carboxylic Acid Male Contraceptive Agent, Targets HSP90AB1 (H...

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Journal Title: Biology of Reproduction
Authors and Corporations: Tash, Joseph S., Chakrasali, Ramappa, Jakkaraj, Sudhakar R., Hughes, Jennifer, Smith, S. Kendall, Hornbaker, Kaori, Heckert, Leslie L., Ozturk, Sedide B., Hadden, M. Kyle, Kinzy, Terri Goss, Blagg, Brian S.J., Georg, Gunda I.
In: Biology of Reproduction, 78, 2008, 6, p. 1139-1152
Media Type: E-Article
Language: English
Oxford University Press (OUP)