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Interfacial functional terminals enhance the heterogeneous nucleation of lysozyme crystals

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Journal Title: CrystEngComm
Authors and Corporations: Tong, Xinmeng, Kang, Junjie, Zhang, Jinli, Jia, Xin, Li, Wei
In: CrystEngComm, 20, 2018, 18, p. 2499-2510
Media Type: E-Article
Language: English
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
Abstract: <p>A series of functional terminals were designed to interact with the flexible loop residues of lysozymes, aiming to produce quality protein crystals<italic>via</italic>intensified heterogeneous nucleation.</p>
Physical Description: 2499-2510
ISSN: 1466-8033
DOI: 10.1039/c8ce00039e