NISP-Based Research on the System Structure of Urban Symbiosis Network in China

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In: Applied Mechanics and Materials, 427-429(2013), S. 2923 - 2927
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ISSN: 1662-7482
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Details: <jats:p>Based on the origin and meaning of symbiosis, this paper explores the concept of industrial symbiosis and points out the industrial symbiotic has a win-win effect in the field of socio-economic. In China, the main practical pattern of industrial symbiosis is eco-industrial park, but it has some restriction factors and unreasonable arrangements which would be difficult to eliminate in the short term. Through the research of origin, formation mechanism, organizational framework and operational framework of UK’s National Industrial Symbiosis Programme, this paper points out building urban symbiosis network in a government promoted model is the best way to realize regional industrial ecology in China. Then this paper sort out the system structure, i.e. network organizational structure and responsibilities of participating members.</jats:p>
Beschreibung: 2923-2927